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Linux networking with ebpf

Getting Started with XDP in eBPF

  1. What is XDP
  2. Kernel Space eBPF program for XDP hook
  3. Userspace program
  4. Repository Structure
  5. ebpf library
  6. How to run the program

Building Packet Counters With BPF Maps and XDP

  1. BPF Maps
  2. Interacting With Maps
  3. BPF Helper Functions for Maps
  4. Repository Structure

Socket Programming Essentials in C

  1. Socket Programming Essentials in C
  2. Socket Programming For Getting Connection info in eBPF
  3. Exploring eBPF Probes: Observing TCP Connections with Kernel-Level Instrumentation

ebpf MAPS

Network System Calls Tracking


  1. connect()
  2. Read IP

Kretprobe tracing

  1. connect()

Profiling  using ebpf

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