Decoding the Magic Behind IP Addressing: A Deep Dive Into Network Programming 🌐✨

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Hello, fellow tech enthusiasts! 🚀


Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty details behind the IP addresses we so casually use? Well, buckle up because today, I’ll unveil my latest project, which I fondly named: The Wizardry of IP Addressing. 🎩✨


1. The Art of Subnet Mask Conversion🎭

Our first stop is the transformation of a subnet mask into an integer format.

  • Function: get_mask_value_in_integer_format(char mask_value)
  • In essence, we craft a mask with all bits set to 1, calculate the unset bits, and loop through them to get our desired integer mask.

2. Finding the Broadcast Address 📡


Every subnet has that one address to talk to everyone – the Broadcast Address.

  • Function: get_broadcast_address(char *ip_addr, char mask, char *output_buffer)
  • Journey with me as we convert IP to integer, fetch its integer mask, compute the complement and OR it to get our broadcast address!

3. Converting IP – From String to Integer 🚶➡️🔢

It’s time to wear our conversion hats! Let’s change that IP string into an integer.

  • Function: get_ip_integer_equivalent(char *ip_address)
  • The magic potion? The inet_pton function, which does the heavy lifting.


4. And Back to String! 🔢➡️🚶


What goes around comes around, doesn’t it?

  • Function: get_abcd_ip_format(unsigned int ip_address, char *output_buffer)
  • With inet_ntop at our disposal, we swiftly change our integer IP back to its familiar A.B.C.D format.


5. Deciphering the Network ID 🌍


In the vast realm of networks, how do we identify each one?

  • Function: get_network_id(char *ip_address, char mask, char *output_buffer)
  • It’s simple: Convert the IP, AND it with the mask, and there you have your Network ID.


6. Counting Our Subnet Hosts 🏠


Let’s take a roll call! How many hosts do we have in our subnet?

  • Function: get_subnet_cardinality(char mask_value)
  • Here, mathematics is our ally. With 2host bits−2, we get our count.


7. The Subnet Membership Enigma 🕵️


Is our IP genuinely from the subnet it claims to be?

  • Function: check_ip_subnet_membership(char *network_id, char mask, char *check_ip)
  • To solve this mystery, we convert our IPs to integers, compute their network ID, and a simple comparison reveals the truth!


Closing Thoughts 🎙️⬇️


Tinkering with IP addressing was an adventure full of revelations. Networking might seem complex on the outside, but once you break it down, it’s a fascinating world waiting to be explored.

I’d be thrilled if you could dive deeper into my project. Your insights and feedback are golden! 👏

Here’s to many more coding endeavors and unraveling the wonders of technology! 🍻🎉

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